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Polly Virr is a freelance cellist based in the UK with a passion for exploring the genre-bending versatilities of the cello. She enjoys a dynamic and varied schedule working as a session cellist,  improviser, orchestral cellist, composer, workshop facilitator, educator and mentor.


Polly works with artists including Bill Laurance, James, Everything Everything, Lottery Winners, Slow Readers Club, Charlatans, Cara Dillon, The Orielles, Strawberry Guy and is a long-standing member of The Untold Orchestra, Kaleidoscope Orchestra, Northern Session Collective, as well as working as part of Sinfonia Cymru and Joe Duddell’s Fest No.6 Ensemble.


“Polly lives the music’s character and her playing’s a given, but her listening is so engaged and searching it’s like we can feel it. Always finding the next thing she can do, and with a sense of adventure that moves the whole room forwards. The kind of musician who will never stop exploring.

We rarely look at each other when playing: every time we do, she’s already there, offering and responding.

Her value in an ensemble is immeasurable.”


Rory Storm, Conductor 

Live Performances 

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