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Creative Education

"Polly is one of the finest music educators I have ever met. She is creative, kind and empathetic, equally able to inspire individual students and engage large groups in a variety of exciting musical activities. Her orchestral arrangements for young musicians are second to none. She is a greatly valued member of the OMF teaching team and well-loved member of our community"

Dr Jo Yee Cheung, Chief Executive of OMF

Teaching & Mentoring

Polly is passionate about music education and has gained significant experience in a wide variety of educational settings.

She worked for 4 years on Opera North's In Harmony programme, followed by working as a cello tutor with Liverpool In Harmony both in-person and remotely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 2021, Polly has worked as a member of the team at Olympias Music Foundation, delivering cello lessons to individuals and small groups, as well as leading creative improvisation workshops with the children. Polly also works as a mentor, most recently guiding young singer/songwriters through the Hubfest Momentum scheme in 2021.

Music for Health


For the last 10 years Polly has worked as a musician in hospitals and other healthcare settings, having trained with LIME Music for HealthOpus Music and Pulse Arts. Polly currently works for Songbirds UK, most recently on their Sound Environments project, taking music on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Together with other musicians, Polly undertakes music residencies on the wards of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, supported by Songbirds UK. Within this work, Polly has also trained other musicians and medical students to explore the use of music-making in the hospital setting using improvisation.

Music Workshops

Polly regularly designs and delivers creative music workshops, encouraging young musicians to step outside their comfort zones and discover their own voice using improvisation and experimentation on their instruments.

Often incorporating Polly's loop pedal, these workshops include improvisation exercises and composition activities; tailored to suit any age and ability. In addition to developing musical skills, Polly strives to build confidence, communication skills and create a sense of ownership for the participants involved.

Polly has delivered workshops for organisations including Opera North, Sheffield Music Hub, Music in Secondary Schools Trust, Peak District Music Centre and the Royal Exchange Theatre.

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