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Polly's passion for experimenting & improvising on the cello, paired with her instinctive musical ear and love of listening to many different styles enables her to adapt and collaborate with musicians from a wide variety of genres and has led to both in studio and remote sessions across the globe.

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Polly has extensive experience working with artists, producers and composers across many different genres, including Pop, Folk, Rock, Americana, Classical, Contemporary Classical, Film, EDM, Jazz…


Remote Sessions

Polly can work to a fast deadline from her home studio and can be as flexible as you need. She can also add multiple layers of strings and can send you the unedited stems so you can mix them how you like. 

She can play parts by ear, read sheet music you’ve written and/or freely improvise over your track, and can work with you to help realise any ideas you have.


"What Polly brings to my compositions can only have come from a thorough exploration of what the cello is and can do. I am always excited and surprised to find out what Polly can make the cello do. I think this can only have come from a dedication to music that is contagious to be around. Polly brings my compositions into a new light through her interpretations and responses to a piece all whilst maintaining a respect for the song."

Ryan Buxton, Singer/Songwriter

Book Polly for a session

To book Polly for either a studio or remote session, please fill out the form below.

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